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News Article posted on 15/03/2016

Emergency Exercise Debrief

Yesterday (14/03/16) Oakwood in conjunction with Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue and The Environment Agency carried out an emergency exercise, with a simulated fire in a fuel storage tank.
The exercise combined the fuel tank ‘fire’, which expanded beyond the initial tank, the rescue of a missing ‘casualty’ and the importance of protecting the local watercourse from pollution.
All parties were pleased with the results of the exercise; with some areas of potential improvement identified which would improve the response and further decrease the risks to the environment, which will be actioned in due course.
Neil Brown, SHEQ Manager said; “A very worthwhile exercise allowing us to put into practice our desktop emergency plans. Lots of lessons learnt and ideas for improvements moving forwards. It's great we can work so closely with Notts Fire service crews.”
Finally our thanks to:
Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue and The Environment Agency, for their involvement in the planning and delivery of the exercise.
The Residents of Bilsthorpe for your patience and understanding.

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